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Turkish State Fascism And The Kurdish Revolution

The Rojava Report

The following article was written and submitted to the Rojava Report by Athithan Jayapalan – an Eelam Tamil activist based in Oslo, Norway.

“Look, from Arabs to Georgians

The Kurds have become like towers,

The Turks and Persians are surrounded by them.

The Kurds are on all four corners.

Both sides have made the Kurdish people,

Targets for the arrows of fate

They are said to be the keys to the borders.

Each tribe forming a formidable bulwark

Whenever the Ottoman sea (Ottomans) and the Tajik Sea (Persians)

Flow out and agitate

The Kurds get soaked in blood.

Separating them (The Turks and Persians) like Isthmus.”

-17th century poem Mem-U-Zin by Kurdish scholar and poet Ahmadi-I-Khani (quoted in McDowell 1996)

The historical and contemporary geo-politics of the Middle-east conditioned by the strategic, military, economic and political considerations of rivalling power establishments, have begotten the spilling of Kurdish blood and…

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