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The Meaning of Turkey’s Strikes on Rojava and Sinjar

The Rojava Report

26Sinjar-master768The following is a translation of an article written by Turkish journalist Fehim Taştekin for Gazete Duvar. In the article Taştekin analyses Turkey’s recent attacks on the YPG in Syria and Iraq from the perspective of Turkey’s domestic politics and the AKP’s policies towards the PKK and the YPG.  

Turkey has finally struck against those ‘enemy’ elements in Sinjar and Rojava whom it has been threatening for so long. And of course when someone or something becomes labelled an ‘enemy’ everything else becomes just unimportant details submerged under a wave of nationalist fervor.

Anything which is filmed from an aerial drone at a few thousand feet or bombed by an F-16 is simply a ‘target’. Target, attack and destroy; this is what the military is all about. The military does not put much interest in the social, political, historical or geographical connections of such targets. However when politics becomes…

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