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Homeland Security Is Giving All Biometric Data to Amazon

Orwells 1984 – here we go!


The US Department of Homeland Security is replacing its already dystopian Automated Biometric Identification System with the even more dystopian Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology System. Amazon, the company owned by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, will host all of the sensitive personal information.

This new surveillance database will add even more information to an already expansive invasive monitoring system, including DNA, palm prints, tattoos, scars and personal relationships.

Amazon controls the whole system, everything from images themselves to ”biometric matching capabilities for fingerprint, iris, and facial” recognition technology.

The dystopian system contains data on your ”relationship patterns,” from social media, including ”non-obvious relationships,” as well as data from ”officer encounters,” or whatever the cops choose to report about your interactions with them.

The DHS is just the latest US federal agency to turn over their information to Amazon, the CIA, Pentagon, NASA among others have led the way.

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Detta inlägg publicerades på 22 juni, 2019 by i * KRÖNIKAN.

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