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Top 22 Works of Art

My Top 22 most beutiful and/or best executed artworks ever list, for now. The list goes from 22 – 0,1. No consideration has been taken to age, period, technic, or high/low position. Overused pictures are also counted out despite their qualities (van Eyk, van Gogh, Monet, Leonardo, Bosch, Michelangelo etc.) Courtesy copyright holders. More details will be added – and hopefully more female artists…



21. Ancient Roman mummy cascet portrait.


20. Banksy (attributed to): ”Mobile Alienation”. (Stencil/graphic art).


19. Ulf Rahmberg: ”Painting nr 21”. (Anatomy of Capitalism, oil painting).


18. Claude Lorrain: ”Harbor at sunset”. (oil painting).


17. Atelier Populaire (attributed to): ”Solidarity”. (silk screen).


16. Louis Comfort Tiffany: ”Iris and water lily.” (Glass work).


15. Robert Crumb: ”Boxes”. (Sequential art).

boxes14. Puppet: ”The Blue Dragon”. (Spray can art).


13. Signac: ”Time of Harmony. The Golden Age is not in the Past but in the Future.” (Oil painting).



12. L C Tiffany: ”Vase”. (Favrile glass).


11. Gaudi: ”Sacrada Familia”. (Architecture).


10. Gainsbourgh: ”The artists daughters”. (Oil painting).


 9. Rembrandt: ”Old Simeon and the infant Jesus”. (Oil painting).


8. Gillis van Coninxloo ”Wood Landscape”. (Oil painting).


7. Jan Vermeer: ”The milk maid”. (oil painting).


6. Picasso: ”Bulls Head”.(Object trouvé/assemblage with bicycle seat in leather and bicycle metal handle bar)

  • picasso-bulls head

    5. National Geographic:  ”Afghan Girl”. (Photo).

    Afghan girl2

    4. Ola Billgren. ”Interior”. (Oil painting).

  • Interiör (med brodern) av Ola Billgren (1940 - 2001) Årtal: 1971 - 1972 Material/teknik:duk/olja Mått: 1150 x 1305 mm

    Interiör (med brodern) av Ola Billgren (1940 – 2001)
    Årtal: 1971 – 1972
    Mått: 1150 x 1305 mm

    3. Caspar David Friedrich. ”The Wanderer over the Sea of Fog”. (Oil painting).

  • Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_Der_Wanderer_über_dem_Nebelmeer

    2. Sir Frederick Leighton: ”Flaming June”. (oil painting).

  • FlamingJune1895

    1. Odd Nerdrum: ”Birds”. (oil painting).


    0. Author unknown: ”Perfect timing”. Black and white photography



0.1 Street Art: Giant Girl Watering a Tree.

Courtesy ‘The Legend of Giants’ by Natalia Rak. A fantastic creative connection between the picture on the building and the tree besides. Highly decorative too. A trump-dóeil-effect on the highest level. The very best of the 22 works IMO so far!

Biography on Facebook: Natalia Rak has created large scale paintings since 2011, in the form of beautiful murals, commissioned from all around the world. She has been focusing on female-centric imagery, while using a rich and glowing palette, giving a breath of fresh air to the street art scene she is part of. In 2012 she has received a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Łódz, where she further explored Art through its history, as well as discovering the work of clasic and modern illustrators. In studying Natalia’s work you can recognize the influences from folklore tradition and fairy tales. The colors highlight the spiritual strength of these tales, giving them a surreal touch. Her art has been exhibited through Europe in cities such as Dusseldorf (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), and Strastbourg (France). Also, she has been featured in many group shows from all over the world and have participated in some of the most prestigious street art events, such as POW! WOW! (USA), Art Scape (Sweden), Mural Festival in Montreal (Canada), Blink(USA), Memorie Urbane (Italy). Her standout work for the Folk on the Street festival in Bialystok “Legend of the Giants” was included in the series “Sztuka ulicy – Street Art” issued by the Polish Post. Natalia excels in a variety of media, from paper and canvas to brick and concrete, building a wide body of work filled with complex symbolism, different sort of allegories and profound love for Nature, that helps the observer to evade reality.




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